Las Vegas, Nevada becoming “New Amsterdam”

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By Phil Good January 15, 2017

Las Vegas, Nevada

Recreational cannabis use in Nevada along with 7 other States, has sparked interest, so to say among those interested in getting in on what is being called the "green rush". For those not up to speed, the Cannabis industry is evolving from a counterculture plagued with negative stereotypes, to a fascinating, and more increasingly accepted form of preventative, as well as after care treatment.

Although the industry is new, and at times has trouble finding its way around opposition to change, the plant itself, has been in use by humans on this planet for a surprisingly long time.

That fact became increasingly more evident in November when Voters in California, Nevada, Massachusetts and Maine voted for recreational usage of cannabis in those respective States.

What does it all mean?

Well that is a good question, and to get to the answer, we must be specific when asking the question. What I mean of course is that the recent cannabis laws will affect everyone. From medical patients suffering with debilitating diseases, or mild to severe pain. To the casual, or recreational smoker. In addition, the recent laws will have an impact on law enforcement policies as well. Those who were once tasked with preventing the spread and usage of cannabis throughout society, are now tasked with protecting licensed medical cannabis dispensaries.

Without question, the most significantly impacted by the approval of Cannabis usage will be big business. Already we have seen an influx of Cannabis related stocks and mutual funds appearing as financial products on Wall St.and the like. From stocks in lighting equipment to land development, and commercial real estate, the Cannabis industry has everyone's interest piqued, as market analysts expect a feeding frenzy to ensue.

Welcome to Nevada/New Amsterdam!

Nevada has a rare and quite remarkable history with Cannabis. Tahoe, NV located 451.5 miles from Las Vegas, NV has some of the most beautifully secluded areas of natural forestry in the Country.

In addition, one of the most distinctive and medically effective cannabis phenotypes or "strains" bears the name Tahoe OG (Original Genetics). Important to mention that South Lake Tahoe, CA is located 7.1 miles away, and you have what I call the perfect accumulation of circumstances and, the ideal environment. However, after use of genus cannabis was approved by the Nevada
Legislature for medical use, and, later incorporated into Nevada's Constitution; (2000) it wouldn't be until late 2015 that the first Medical Marijuana Establishment or dispensary opened in the state of Nevada.

Fast forward now 2017 and we have over 25 State licensed Medical Cannabis dispensaries or, MME's if you will in Las Vegas alone! One of the larger MME's, and no doubt the one with the most commercialized face in my humble opinion, is REEF. Located behind the infamous Spearmint Rhino adult venue, and just minutes from the Strip, tourist are most certainly bound to be drawn to this Las Vegas main attraction site, especially since January 1, 2017 marked the first day Cannabis became legal for recreational consumption in the State of Nevada.

However medical patients like myself, who rather not deal with all the publicity when choosing, and, purchasing their medication may prefer the warm inviting atmosphere of Sahara Wellness,located at 420 W. Sahara Ave. The southwestern styling inside compliments the staff who are equally knowledgeable, as well as compassionate, making the experience more of a natural choice. No matter what dispensary you choose, all have their own trained staff so you're are sure to find the best fit that works for you. The "Green District" is an area which includes Paradise Road, Sahara Avenue and Las Vegas Blvd.